A stunning wedding photo capturing the joyful bride and groom in front of a beautifully illuminated love sign.

2015 Review

Wow….where to start!! 2015 was without a doubt an amazing year. I had the honour to be part of over 40 weddings and I truly loved capturing memories at each and everyone of them…..a massive thank you to you all. As a North East Wedding Photographer I’ve worked at some amazing venues throughout the region and beyond and I’m already looking forward to working with all my 2016 couples.

For those of you still looking for a photographer for your wedding then please just get in touch to check my availability to see how I can help document your big day.

In the meantime checkout a few favourites from what was an amazing year….

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Once again a huge thank you to all my happy couples and their family and friends….without you I wouldn’t be able to live the dream 🙂

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